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Dr Timothy Ashby - Historical Fiction & Non-Fiction Author

December 17, 2021 Jan Edwards / Dr Tim Ashby Season 2 Episode 3
Authors in Mallorca
Dr Timothy Ashby - Historical Fiction & Non-Fiction Author
Show Notes

Like my last guest on 'Authors in Mallorca', the author Dr Timothy Ashby is another American who now lives in Mallorca. He's passionate about writing and history, combining these in his literary work.

He's had four books published in the States (three of them historical thrillers) and his next book to hit the shelves is a non-fictional biography of a fascinating ancestor of his. 'Elizabethan Secret Agent: The Untold Story of William Ashby (1536-1593)' will be published by Scotland Street Press in Edinburgh in March 2022. He's also  just completed the 18th-century action/adventure novel, 'The King's Black Ranger'.

Timothy's CV includes top-secret clearance work for the US State Department and counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He's also been a successful entrepreneur, has worked and lived in different places around the world, and is still a licensed attorney in Florida and Washington DC.

In this episode, Timothy talks about: his enthusiasm for history; being mentored as a teen by two well-known authors in Grenada; an unusual motorcycle tour that attracted the attention of Spanish police; his writing and editing process, and more.

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