Authors in Mallorca

Dawne Archer — Memoirist

February 26, 2021 Jan Edwards/Dawne Archer Season 1 Episode 7
Authors in Mallorca
Dawne Archer — Memoirist
Show Notes

Dawne Archer is an English author and Mallorca resident, whose memoir ‘Trekker Girl Morocco Bound’ was written after her Sahara Desert trek to raise money for the charity Thrombosis UK. All profits from the sale of her book go to this charity which, as she explains, is a cause close to her heart.

Memoirist Dawne talks about the usefulness of keeping a diary, the benefits of being in a writing group, putting a book with photos onto Kindle, and shares two important health tips of great relevance to writers. And she names some of the memoirists whose books she’s enjoyed.



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