Authors in Mallorca

Suzi Quatro - Lyricist, Poet, Autobiographer, Novelist

March 27, 2022 Jan Edwards / Suzi Quatro Season 2 Episode 7
Authors in Mallorca
Suzi Quatro - Lyricist, Poet, Autobiographer, Novelist
Show Notes

Detroit-born Suzi Quatro made her distinctive mark on the glam rock scene in the '70s and has been in the music business ever since, as a singer, songwriter, and musician. She's also presented radio and TV shows and acted - playing  Leather Tuscadero in 'Happy Days', the lead role in 'Annie Get Your Gun' in London's West End, and parts in several British TV series including 'Midsomer Murders' and 'Absolutely Fabulous'. Her 58-year career - so far - continues with a European concert tour this year, kicking off in April at the Royal Albert Hall, London. 

Writing is a passion for Suzi and, as well as penning lyrics, she has also authored five published books: 

  • 'Unzipped' - autobiography (Hodder) 
  • 'Through My Eyes' - first of a series of illustrated coffee-table books (New Haven Publishing)
  • 'The Hurricane' - a novel (New Haven Publishing)
  • 'Through My Words' - 2nd in series of coffee-table books (New Haven Publishing)
  • 'Through My Thoughts' - 3rd in series (New Haven Publishing)

During Suzi's recent visit to Mallorca (where she and her husband have a home), we met in Puerto Portals to chat about her writing life - and more.  We talk about the writers who have influenced her; her writing methods; the two books she's just finishing (a second novel and a collection of poetry); the effects of the Covid lockdown on her work and life, and more.

For Suzi Quatro's website and 2022 tour dates, see here.  

Click here for tickets for Suzi's April 2022 concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

COMPOSER: Jack Waldenmaier
PUBLISHER: Music Bakery Publishing (BMI)

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